Enrique Herrera

Enrique Herrera has been dancing since he was eight years old, when his mother encouraged him to take up dancing as a way for him to stay away from the neighborhood bullies. The first studio he attended was The Academy of International Dance; his first class was capoeira. The Academy had a variety of dance styles for students to learn, such as Chinese ribbon dancing, Flamenco, Polynesian, and so on. He eventually started to learn ballet and modern, at twelve years old, when he successfully auditioned for The Saint Joseph Ballet (SJB). There he would perform at their yearly concerts and once for the Pacific Ballet. SJB was a very influential organization whose goal is to help under privileged families help their children apply for colleges and find different methods of paying for their Colleges or Universities. It was with this help that Enrique attended Orange Coast College. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend any sort of dances classes for a whole year, do to an unfortunate car accident during the first week of school. He met Jose Costas a year later in his ballet level one class. Since their first meeting, Enrique has done three successful performances with Jose. He is now currently planning on transferring to Chapman, Fullerton, or Long Beach, so that he can further his education in Dance and Kinesiology