DATE:  Spring/Fall 2023  
TIME: morning, afternoon, or night
LOCATION: your school, theater, multipurpose room, or community center.

TangoDanza with a Twist

Contempo Ballet’s Herencia Latina, a Dance & Education Performance Series is a 50 min. specially-designed lecture/demonstration performance that lead students on a guided exploration of Dance and Music and its cultural relevance to the world. Each Performance is narrated and followed by a Q & A with Contempo Ballet dancers.

Highlights of this year’s program, celebrating Latino American dance and music, include excerpts from “Danzas with a Twist”, “Bongo Concerto”, and “Tango Interlude”.

The Dance and Education Performance Series is Free of Charge to Public School Students, Teachers and Chaperones thanks to the generosity of our Patrons and Business Partners of the Southern California area.

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